Bajra Corriander Seeds

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Coriander appears in many recipes around the world. Their most common use is in Indian curries and Moroccan rice pilafs. In European countries coriander is called for in soups, stews, and English black pudding. It appears in Italian mortadella sausage, Russian pickling seasoning, and French ratatouille. It works well with meats like lamb, pork and seafood.

To enhance the flavor of the dried seeds, try toasting them slightly before use to bring out their warm flavors. Coriander is a mild spice, do not be worried about using too much. Use generously!

Coriander seeds are a light brown to cream color and almost completely spherical in shape. They have a small point on one end and a slight flatness on the other.

Whole coriander seeds can be stored indefinitely in a sealed container. Their long shelf life makes them incredibly easy to keep on hand in a well stocked pantry. For fresh ground coriander, grind the dried seeds in a mortar and pestle just before using.


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